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QiMenDunJia (Palm)

"QiMenDJ" (Basic Module) automates the constructing of the Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ, 奇门遁甲) charts, saving the time for QMDJ enthusiasts and professionals to analyse the charts instantaneously to determine the favourable directions.

QiMenDJ is our first joint-development project with FengShuiSOS. The design of QiMenDJ is based mainly on the practical and daily application methods taught by Master Peter Leung in his QMDJ course.

QiMenDJ is also an ideal "Qi Men Dun Jia" software tool for users who have learned QMDJ from other Masters, or who are knowledgeable on the QMDJ system.

QiMenDJ include both English and Chinese charts, catering to different methods taught by different QMDJ trainers.

  • English Charts

  • Ideal for students who studied QMDJ with Master Peter Leung as the English terminologies were based on Master Peter Leung's QMDJ course.
  • Chinese Charts

  • Ideal for students who studied QMDJ from other Masters; and enthusiasts who are familiar with the Chinese terminologies of 奇门遁甲.
Either way, QiMenDJ provides all users an easier and quicker method to plot and analyse the QMDJ chart instantly, anytime.. anywhere.

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  • Real-time, on-screen QMDJ charts supporting Years ranging from 2006 - 2017 (Registered Version)
  • QMDJ Chart includes:
    • Heaven Plate (TianPan天盘)
    • Earth Plate (DiPan地盘)
    • 8 Doors Plate (Ba Men Pan八门盘)
    • 8 Gods Plate (Ba Shen Pan八神盘)
    • 9 Stars Plate (Jiu Xing Pan九星盘)
  • Information on the characteristics of the:
    • 10 Heavenly Stems in the TianPan/DiPan
    • Formation of the BaMen on individual sector
    • JiuXing Pan on individual sector
    • BaShen Pan on individual sector
  • Combination effects of:
    • 10 Heavenly Stems in the TianPan and DiPan
    • Formation effect of BaMen (Moving/Original Plate positions)
    • TianPan/DiPan effects with BaMen
  • English/Chinese symbols
    • English - ideal for users who learned QMDJ from Master Peter Leung (FengShuiSOS)
    • Chinese - ideal for users who learned QMDJ from other Masters; and/or from QMDJ books who are more familiar with the Chinese characters
  • Strength Indicators on individual sector
    Palm Powered™ PDA and smartphones
  • Palm OS® - Version 5.0 and higher
  • Hi-Res (320x320) resolution of higher.
  • 16-bit colour
  • 618Kb of free RAM space on PDA handheld memory
    Operating System (for transferring of software via HotSync)
  • Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP/XP-SP2
  • Apple® Mac OS®
  • Compatible CD-ROM drive
    PALM, INC.
  • Zire: 72, 72s
  • Tungsten: E (requires MathLib to be installed to your PDA)
  • Tungsten: T3, T5, TX, E2, LifeDrive
  • Treo: 650, 680, 700p, 755p
  • Palm Centro

Version 1.0.2

(22nd July 2007)

If you're using an earlier version than the one stated above, please download the updated file from the URL link indicated in our official email reply to you.

Contact us at info@meganworx.com
for details.

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