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The POWER OF NUMBERS software is based on the interesting discovery by Dr. Oliver Tan, PhD, who managed to revolutionize the Rediscovering Science of Numbers and its Mysticism, Power and Vibrations.

By integrating the 5 Elements (WuXing) with the Pythagorus chart, anyone can easily analyse a person's birth code with far indepth information than the traditional numerology.

With the POWER OF NUMBERS software, students would be able to quickly plot the chart in seconds and identify the health symptoms, different personality and character profiles.

This software is made possible through a joint-initiative with Dr. Oliver Tan, and the Numbers Academy (Singapore).


  • Additional information
    • Basic characteristics
    • Suitable career and types of businesses
    • Health and Symptoms
    • Traits of the Individuals
    • Single Number
    • Hidden Numbers
    • Wealth Directions
  • Supporting years from 1900 - 2099
  • Colour-coded numbers for easy identification of the numbers and their Elements
  • ... and much more!

  • Mobile phones supporting SYMBIAN S60 3rd/5th Editions OS
  • <2MB RAM on phone memory or external memory card

    Tested models
    • N81 8GB, N82, N95, N95 8GB
    • 6110 Navigator, 6120
    • E51, E52, E66, E71
    • 5800, N97 (5th Edition)
    • ... and many more!

    Please feedback the models that has been tested to work well so that we can include them here.

    Supported specification-compatible models (untested)
  • Click here for all supported NOKIA models
  • Click here for all S60 3rd Edition models (Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc)

Version 1.0.0
(10th May 2009)

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Purchase of this software is exclusively handled by NUMBERS ACADEMY (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD.

Click here to visit the website now for product purchase and registration.

Exciting new book with expanded theories and discoveries on the PON system
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