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There are many divination systems used in Chinese Metaphysics, including the popular ones like ‘Academic/Confucius’ I-Ching (易經) commonly practised in the West; the Plum Blossom I-Ching (MeiHua YiJing 梅花) and the King Wen I-Ching (Wen Wang YiJing 文王易經).

Following the success of our 'KW I-Ching (Palm)' title, users can now use this Symbian version to plot and analyse the Wen Wang YiJing (文王易經 or Wen Wang Gua 文王卦) divination from their mobile phones.

At last, analysing divination information is now so much easier, fast and handy when you can just check on it from your phone!

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  • Bazi chart for the Day (Year, Month, Day, Hour)
  • Chart for Static and Active Lines
  • Element aspect (Self, Intelligence, Power, Money and Resources)
  • Family Trigrams and Key Elements
  • Indicators for Heaven Void, Subject, Object, Clashes and Combinations
  • Indicators for Advance and Retreat of the sequences for the Earthly Branches
  • Hexagram ( Original and Resultant )
  • Dynamic 6 Animals table
  • Saving and retrieval of Divination Notes/Log
  • Combinations and Clashes
  • Graves (Pots) and Seasonal Strength
  • Feng Shui (house structure, Qi)
  • Finding Lost Items
  • Status of Persons Outside
  • Weather Forecast
  • Manual and automated casting
  • Key Element selection
  • Mobile phones supporting SYMBIAN S60 3rd Edition OS
  • 5-way navigation key
  • ~2MB RAM on phone memory or external memory card
    Tested models
    • N81 8GB, N82, N95, N95 8GB
    • 6110 Navigator, 6120
    • E51, E52, E66, E71

    Please feedback the models that has been tested to work well so that we can include them here.

    Supported specification-compatible models (untested)
  • Click here for all supported NOKIA models
  • Click here for all S60 3rd Edition models (Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc)

Version 1.0.1
(19th March 2009)

If you're using an earlier version than the one stated above, please download the updated file from the URL link indicated in our official email reply to you.

Contact us at info@meganworx.com
for details.

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