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BaziCalc (PC/Windows) QiMenDunJia (PC/Windows) BaziCalc (Palm) HSIA Calendar (Palm) BaZi Sheng Gua (Palm) Chinese Almanac (Palm) King Wen's I-Ching (Palm) QiMenDunJia (Palm) Power of Numbers (Palm)
BaziLite (PPC) QiMenDunJia (PocketPC / WindowsMobile) Power of Numbers (PocketPC / WindowsMobile)
Chinese Almanac (Symbian S60 v3) BaZiGua (Symbian S60) King Wen's I-Ching (Symbian S60) QiMenDunJia (Symbian S60) Power of Numbers (Symbian S60) BaziLite (Symbian S60)
Power of Numbers (Symbian UIQ)

If you have any suggestions to make, request for new features, or even customising our Chinese Metaphysics & FengShuiBazi software titles under your own branding, you may contact us at:

Email Support: info@meganworx.com

We are also looking for overseas retailers (ideally FengShui, Bazi or Chinese Metaphysics practitioners/trainers who wish to help us distribute our Chinese Metaphysics & FengShuiBazi software titles in their own countries/region. If you're interested, please contact us.

You can contact us at below email for technical support on our software.

Email Support: info@meganworx.com

Please also provide the followings to expediate our replies to you:

    For "PC/WINDOWS" Version
  • System/CPU Speed (e.g., Pentium 4 1GHz)
  • Memory on board (e.g., 256MB Ram on Board)
  • Windows OS and Language (e.g., Windows XP Service Pack 1, English OS)
  • Graphics Display/memory on board (e.g., nVidia 64MB)
  • Error message, if available

    For "Palm & PocketPC/WindowsMobile" Version
  • UserID
  • Reference ID
  • CD Reference ID/Number, if you're using the CD version.
  • Model of the PDA device used
  • Error message, if available

    For "Symbian S60" Version
  • UserID
  • Reference ID
  • Brand/Model of the Symbian device used
  • Error message, if available

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