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BaziCalc (PC/Windows) QiMenDunJia (PC/Windows) BaziCalc (Palm) HSIA Calendar (Palm) BaZi Sheng Gua (Palm) Chinese Almanac 2007 (Palm) King Wen's I-Ching (Palm) QiMenDunJia (Palm)
BaziLite (PPC) QiMenDunJia (PocketPC / WindowsMobile)
Chinese Almanac (Symbian S60 v3) BaZiGua (Symbian S60) King Wen's I-Ching (Symbian S60) QiMenDunJia (Symbian S60) BaziLite (Symbian S60)

DIRECT PURCHASE (Downloadable Version)

Payment for direct purchase of our software titles are through PayPal, which now allows current PayPal account holder to make payment in Singapore Dollars.

Only selective titles are available in CD media; and are only available if you purchase them from our Singapore distributors. Not all titles are available in CD, and are available as (Download version) for direct purchase here.

The contents in the Downloadable version is identical to the CD version (if available) except for the media storage. The Downloadable Version is also convenient for overseas users; and for those who resides in countries where there are no appointed distributors/retailers.

Downloadable version does not include the CD-ROM disc.

All Symbian (S60) titles are available from us directly only.

Software Title
Palm OS
Symbian S60
BaziCalc SGD $238
SGD $238
BaziGua SGD $108
SGD $68
BaziLite SGD $138
Chinese Almanac SGD $168
SGD $80
HSIA-Cal SGD $108
KW I-Ching SGD $168
SGD $80
Qi Men Dun Jia

USD $168
Click here

USD $168
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USD $168
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USD $88
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