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BaziLite automates the plotting of Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny chart (子平八字命盤 zi ping bazi ming pan) on PocketPC and WindowsMobile PDA/smartphones; and display the results in a user-friendly way.

BaziLite (PPC) is the ideal computation tool for Feng Shui practitioners, geomancers, and enthusiasts.

As BaziLite is designed as a 'lite' version of "BaziCalc", anyone who wants an affordable basic Bazi tool can use it, without the need to refer to classic materials, 10,000 calendars and their hands.

If you need a quick computation and reference tool to assist in your Bazi analysis, BaziLite is the solution.

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  • Unique character/element symbols for easier interpretation
  • Luck Pillars - 10-Years, Yearly, Monthly & Day chart
  • Basic/Common Symbolic Stars
  • 12 Life Stages
  • 10 Gods/Deities
  • Date Input - Standard, Chinese Lunar Date, Direct BAZI
  • Clashes & Combinations (Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branch)
  • Help information on 10 Gods/Deities, Symbolic Stars and 12 Life Stages
    • PocketPC or Microsoft® Windows Mobile® PDA PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 (SE), Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6.x
    • 240 x 320 (width x height - Portrait/vertical format) resolution.
    • Direct Stylus / touch-sensitive displays
    • ~688KB RAM on PDA/memory card
      Operating System (for transferring of software via ActiveSync)
    • Windows® XP/XP-SP2, Windows® Vista™
      PocketPC and Microsoft® Windows Mobile® PDA
    • All models, supporting
      • 240 x 320 (width x height - Vertical/Portrait screen)
      • Stylus/TouchScreen input
    • Does not work on PDA with:
      • 240x240 screen mode
      • 320x240 (Landscape screen)
      • Smartphones without stylus input
      • PocketPC OS - Windows® CE 4.1/PC2002 or earlier

    • The following models have been tested and found to be compatible:
      • O2 Mini
      • HP IPaq 212, HP IPaq 2210, HP IPaq 612
      • DELL Axim x51v
      • Dopod D810
      • HTC Touch
      • Samsung OMNIA
      • Eten Glofish
      If you're using a different model, please tell us so that we can include them here.

    Version 1.2.1
    (24th May 2009)

    If you're using an earlier version than the one stated above, please download the updated file from the URL link indicated in our official email reply to you.

    Contact us at info@meganworx.com
    for details.

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