Unique Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day pillars. Display tendency signs and vibes in periodic events. Finally you can check on a person's day, month, or year vibrations any time, anywhere!

When the Time of Birth of the subject person is known, special Combined DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH Chart is displayed automatically. Helps to identify the extra subconscious and hidden signs in the person!

We added user-requested features for a reason - to help you extend and improve your profiling analysis. Like the OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES chart and others...

Plot up to 4 persons' charts and analyse their combined Relationship and Compatibility chart. What's more, you can even toggle the user's chart to determine individual compatibility with the main subject person.

Personal Combined Day Charts and Directional Charts. Unique charts personalised to the individual - identify signs in the Personal Day energies, and to determine the Personal Day Direction. We make it so easy and instant. And fun too!

Real-time, 'on-the-fly' visual representation of all user's Birth Root numbers and elements from the Users list! No extra steps needed to check the person's root number.

FEON+ Licence is for use on ONE(1) device only

When you purchased the FEON+ software, the license and registration copy is issued and valid for one device only.

FEON+ License and Registration Code issued is NON-TRANSFERABLE.

If you decide to change, buy, upgrade to another smartphone for whatever reasons, you need to purchase a separate license.

FEON+ is for AndroidOS smartphone only. Tablets not supported.

FEON+ works on AndroidOS (v4.x ICS, JellyBean, KitKat) phones supporting display resolution of 800x480 (minimum) to 1920x1080 (highest). Chart layouts vary depending on device display resolution. Font size set to NORMAL for correct text display. Not compatible with Android tablets.

FEON+ primarily based on RON WZ SUN's Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Check out Ron WZ SUN's Elements of Numbers (EON) site at www.ElementsOfNumbers.com. Find out more on his popular book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling" too. We are also expanding FEON+ features to include compatible methods/formula to enhance the profiling observations.

Any list of Android smartphones compatible with FEON+ software?

Our users have installed FEON+ on compatible smartphones like HTC One M8, LG Optimus G Pro, Samsung Galaxy (S3/S4/S5), Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 mini, Samsung Note (1/2/3), Sony Xperia Z2, Xiaomi Mi3W, Lenovo and Xiaomi (models not provided by users), and budget-price smartphones. We'll update this list whenever possible.

How to download and register the FEON+ Software?

When your purchase (via PayPal) is confirmed, you'll be able to download and install FEON+ direct to your smartphone. Read the Software Licensing terms and follow the instructions to request for registration code. Steps to register your copy is included in our follow-up email to you. Email us at info@meganworx.com for more information.

Does the FEON+ software include analysis report explaining the personality and life path of the subject person?

FEON+ does not include generated report-like analysis. FEON+ software is a profiling tool designed for users familiar with numerology methods like PON, UCM, LQ, EON, or FEN. This software plot the various charts for users to analyse.

FEON+ Software NOT available for download or purchase at GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

FEON+ software is available for direct purchase here via PAYPAL. Due to our registration and one-device-only license, this software is not available (download and purchase) at Google Play Store.